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STEVE ANDERSON - works in stone & bronze

steve sculpts a wax chimpanzee
Steve Anderson at work (mouse over image).
Best known for the curiously controversial Picardo Venus, Steve Anderson
is a founding member of Viking Fire Foundry, an artisan cooperative in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. His original sculptures and tile designs are available for purchase. Steve Anderson can cast, carve and forge work to any specifications in stone, bronze, and steel.

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Steve Anderson
2 0 6 - 2 9 7 - 0 6 4 3

One of Steve's bronze tile designs. He can design and fabricate work to your specifications.

dragon tile design by steve anderson

You provide the idea and let Steve be your hands.
Steve Anderson: 2 0 6 - 2 9 7 - 0 6 4 3

Steve Anderson also works in partnership
with Viking Fire Foundry