Black Cross (Re)Presents Gold Hick
Picture of the Day, March 1 2004
[reprinted without permission]

Gold Hick's star shot far and fast and fell even faster.
This new record is the first anyone has heard from him since he was last seen, on his knees in the back of a limousine. Hailed as a "hip-hop epic in miniature," the eponymous Gold Hick (to be released later this year on Black Cross label) clocks in at a scant 27:27--but that's enough time for Gold Hick to tell his sordid tale of easy fame and hard failure. Given his reputation for titanic substance intake, it's amazing Gold Hick can articulate a sentence, let alone bust rhymes that would have the most seasoned MC's tongue tripping. But the flow is here, given depth by an unexpected revelation of feeling too intense to be blunted by Gold Hick's self-inflicted stupor.

Due to a contractual oversight on the part of his label, Gold Hick is able to release a limited edition 10-inch LP of his new record, the proceeds from which will go straight into his paypal account, thereby sidestepping the usual music industry vampires. Your pre-order will help pay the cost of pressing 500 virgin vinyl 33 rpm albums, each one signed and numbered. You'll also be giving the finger to the satanic overlords of corporatization who otherwise own Gold Hick body and soul.

Order Now! $10 USD - that's just $1 an inch!.
If you prefer yours mailed in the US, please add $3.
Foreign orders pay $10 + $10 registered shipping.

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