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In-Situ Grass Braiding / Weaving
These woven grass installations are created by braiding, styling or weaving tall grasses in-situ, as if the earth had hair. It delights me to create work that is more formal in nature, that is created outdoors with little more than some gloves and gardening tools.  I get a great deal of satisfaction from the physical labor, and a clarity that comes from having to observe closely and respond, moment by moment, to the very specific conditions of a site.

Woven Grass Village, 2011, Smoke Farm (collaboration with Adria Garcia)
Created for
the Lo-Fi Art and Performance Festival.
. woven grass village by sarah kavage
                                & adria garcia
For Smoke Farm, Adria and I were interested in creating a space that people would actually inhabit and use.  We ended up with something that was part living room, part village, and part stage.  This part of the installation was about a 30-foot oval. 

Adria and me at the very beginning of the piece. 

Adria in the entryway to the Village.  Five-strand woven 'welcome mat' and giant french twists in foreground.

This lovely old maple tree was our shade and resting spot and served as a backyard to the Central Plaza of the Village.  The piece around the maple tree is about 40 feet in total length.

The Village functioned pretty much as we had hoped – people napped, read poetry, held impromptu performances and singalongs, and just hung out there. 

Passage, 2011, McCormick Park, Duvall, WA. 
Created as part of The Long Walk, a four day, 45 mile art event / walk through the King County Trails system organized by Susan Robb.