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Grass Braid, 2009
Installation at Smoke Farm
Watermark Project, 2007 
A collaboration with Vaughn Bell & Nicole Kistler 
Ghost Stumps, 2007
Installation in Room 9 of the Bridge Motel
Living Barge Project, 2006
A collaboration with Nicole Kistler
80-foot barge planted with native species to
draw attention to Duwamish River ecosystem
Confidential (INFORMATION OVERLORD), 2004
Public installation, 7:00 - 8:30 AM
July 2, 2004, Seattle, Washington
Polling, 2006 Polling, 2006
A collaboration with Nicole Kistler
cloud poems Cloud Poems, 2002
Installation at SOIL
6 pieces, 8.5" x 14" each
Portrait of
                          Britney Portrait of Britney, 2003
A collaboration with Diana Falchuk
text on paper, collaged on wall
approx. 10' x 15’

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