Repetition Is the God of Knowledge

it's been a while since I've screwed things up
and i think it's my turn
go ask my third grade teacher
she says repetition is the only way you learn
when you've been drinking
what must be done all seems so clear
we act so silly sometimes
as if our feelings were something to fear

please keep on talking
it seems I've heard these words before
they were coming from my mouth
you swore they would never come from yours
what sad comedians we would make
our timing is all wrong
but it's still kind of funny
if you don't think about it for too long
me and you should lock ourselves away
in a well-lit room for at least half a day
and try to hurt each other
in any way that we can
and if it still seems worth it,
I'll hold your hand
I've never been sickly ill
it might be nice to try
thirteen passengers were killed
I've never been afraid to fly
this isn't any way to live
waiting around to die
you didn't have the time to give
well here, take some of mine

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