I'd never seen a puppet like this: it had opposable thumbs and twenty some-odd strings so finely tuned that when it moved it seemed marionette and master were connected by ligaments. First the puppet lifted the saki carafe, poured it into a tiny cup, clutched the cup with individually strung prehensile fingers and thumb, and lifted it without spilling a drop--until he threw it back and started getting drunker and drunker, withdrawing a sword from scabbard on back, brandishing it like the guy who gets shot in Raiders of the Lost Ark, then stabs the table, withdraws the sword (shades of Excalibur), replaces it over shoulder into scabbard on back, then hoists the pot and raging because it's empty hurls it over his shoulder--where the puppeteer you've all but forgotten is ready to catch it. It lands in his hands along with applause.